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Nintendo Switch Parental Controls


Supervise the use of Nintendo Switch


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Nintendo Switch Parental Controls is an app that lets you supervise what your young -and not so young- family members are up to with the new Nintendo console. You can manually set daily play session intervals so the player sees a warning when he/she is about to reach the time limit. The app also lets you check how long your kids have been playing and, if necessary, activate the ‘stop program’ when the time limit has been reached.

Another interesting feature of Nintendo Switch Parental Controls is that you will get a summary of the videogames that have been recently played on the console and for how long each one has been played. You can either access daily or monthly summaries about the console’s activity.

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls is an incredibly useful app for parents that like to be informed about what their kids are playing and for how long they are playing.

Android 4.4 or greater is required

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