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Speak to Torch Light


Turn on your mobile flashlight by clapping


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Speak to Torch Light is an app that lets you turn your phone's flashlight on and off, turn the screen into a colored lamp, or even create a police siren effect by making your screen flash alternately blue and red. What really makes Speak to Torch Light such a unique app though, is that turning your flashlight on and off is as simple as clapping your hands, literally.

With Speak to Torch Light, all it takes is the classic gesture seen in old movies to turn on your phone light by clapping twice. What's more, you can activate a police siren light, as well as different colored lights, setting a unique ambiance wherever you are with light projected from your smartphone.

Speak to Torch Light offers three functions: turn your phone's flashlight on and off by clapping, light up the screen with the color of your choice to liven up a room, and create a police siren light with intermittent blue and red lights. On the other hand, if you are in a place where it's not a good idea to be clapping, Speak to Torch Light gives you the option to turn the flashlight on the classic way: by tapping the 'on' button which can be activated very easily.

Speak to Torch Light is a handy, fun app, that lets you turn the flashlight on your phone on and off with a simple, lively gesture.

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